Common reasons why your motorcycle refuses to start

No one wants to experience that ugly moment when his or her motorcycle refuses to start after planning a beautiful ride. In this situation, we are not talking about the normal cold issue that happens to most bikes. Sometimes because of the ignorance of the rider, they fall into frustrating situations. Most times, it is the novice that panics in this frustrating situation; however, there is no need to panic because we have the solution. Stay calm and perform minor checks that will resolve the situation without stress. Here are important checks to perform whenever your motorcycle refuses to start.

  • Dead or Weak Battery: The battery is the lifeline to the entire electrical system of the bike. For two-wheelers that have electric start, the starter motor depends on the battery. If the battery carries enough charge then it can crank the motor that requires a high voltage from the battery. Nevertheless, if the battery is weak, one can’t use the electric starter.
  • No fuel: When the level of the fuel is down, it may be hard to know if there is fuel when using the gauge and this may contribute to your bike not starting. In this situation, you can apply that old school technique of checking if the bike has fuel or not. To do that, gently shake the bike while standing on it and listen if you hear anything. On the other hand, you can use a flashlight to check the availability of the fuel in the tank.
  • Clogged fuel tank vent: Another reason why your motorcycle may not start is clogged fuel tank. The vent on the fuel tank provides an outlet for fuel to supply continuously to the motorcycle. In most motorcycles in India, it is the keyhole of the fuel tank cap. If the vent becomes clogged, the supply of fuel to the system is affected. To unclog the vent, you can use a pin or thin wire while blowing the hole using force.
  • Clutch not engaging: You must pull your clutch properly when you start your bike and the transmission is in gear. At times, when the clutch isn’t properly engaged, it creates a problem. In this situation, return the transmission in neutral before trying again.
  • Blocked Exhaust: Another condition that may warrant your bike not starting is blocked exhaust. To avoid this situation, you must frequently check your exhaust system to remove any blockage before starting.
  • Loose Spark Plug Wire:For motorcycle riders, a loose spark plug wire isn’t something new. It is something that happens because of jerking or may be a prank. This situation doesn’t require you visiting a mechanic to get the job done because you can also do it on your own. All you need is to unplug the plug and re-plug the connectors before starting the motorcycle again.
  • Engine Cutoff Switch:This is mostly neglected when we find ourselves having difficulties starting our motorcycle. At times, most people use the ignition key to switch the motorcycle off rather than the cutoff switch. Endeavor to remember to turn off the switch before trying to crank the engine.

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Greg Williams in this article enlightens bike riders in India on common reasons why their bike may not start. He further expounds on the need to check the bike before embarking on any ride.