Motorbike Gps navigation navigation Trackers – A Thief Against Thievery

India has more bike/scooty proprietors than cars it’s also most likely probably the most stolen vehicle too. Bikes are smaller sized sized and much easier of person oeuvre they might be easily lifted in the van or truck and gone within the scene in a few minutes. The worst part is the probability of you recovering your stolen bike is very sleek as generally the bike is the various in the bike is dismantle and offered available on the market. For every 5 bikes, just one is retrieved. This means the advantage is very while using thieves which is the reason they target it more than cars.

Letstrack Bike

Letstrack Bike

This sounds frightening to all or any the Bike proprietors, however, relax a bit and you’ll fight and safeguard your asset, the easiest method to make that happen is to apply Letstrack Gps navigation navigation Device. It’s essential to really the safeguard from the motorbike. Listed here are handful of suggestions from Letstrack:

Real-time Tracking

The finest advantage of our system is you achieve track your bike in solid-time our Letstrack application provides you with the accurate data 24/7 inside your phone as well as on your computer.

Parking & Zone Alerts

Along with your motorcycle tracker, you’ll be able to set as much geofences (zones) or parking points as you have. In which you store your bike overnight, in which you park your bike during the day. Whether this is often a private garage, a communal parking bay, school, office or possibly an open carpark, you’ll be able to set your virtual zone to alert your phone instantly in situation your bike is moved using this area anytime.

Motion Recognition

If you’re just seeing a shop quickly or seeing a coffee shop or restaurant you’ll be able to set your tracking device to deliver an immediate message whether or not this moves within the parking place. This can be useful for areas you don’t visit regularly or else you are simply stopping for a short period and don’t wish to produce a new zone.


You can examine four weeks good status for the automobile, engine on/off information plus a value screen inside the application or web version.