Tata Nexon Could Become Next Vehicle to Have JTP Badge

We are well aware of the performance variants of the Tiago and the Tigor from the Tata Motors, the ones with the JTP badge! They have time and again justified being a Tata product with their enhanced styles, the ever improving performances, and a remarkable reliance and yes, the appearance too, after all, that is what is served to the customer before anything else! And we wish the same for Tata Nexon as well.

The framework!

With the upcoming products of Tata lined up, we expect that the JTP badge will be revealed for them too as it was already made clear at the launch of Tata Tigor and Tata Tiago, their performance based versions, that the JT collaboration is not the off joint one and therefore, we can guess that the badge is being revealed for the Tata Nexon as well. Well, we have to wait for the opportune moment!

The need!

Tata is about to face a really strong face off due to the entry of 45X and the Harrier into the competitive environment and under such pressures, Tata is trying every bit to re-equip its deals and there can be no two opinions n the fact that the JTP merchandise would be a perfect choice for them. And it is really easy to suspect that the Nexon would be put under the considerations for the matter.

Tata Nexon and the JTP

Tata Nexon already has grooved up to the expectations with its astonishing style quotient and its modern exterior. Adding to it even more definitely would be a treat to witness! We have already come across the kraz edition and therefore, we get an indication that the visual enhancements are going to be extremely versatile and worth it!

The Tata Nexon does come with the powerful engines already. It has the 1.2 liter Revotron petrol motor   While as the diesel motor makes 108 bhp at 3750 rpm and a peak torque of 260 mm between 1500 and 2750 rpm. Among such strong choices already available, it is a curious deal to see the up gradation along with the collaboration!

A number of rivals are brewing up for the Nexon among which Mahindra S201 is worth waiting for! And Tata Motors may make the matter really interesting by replying back with the JTP badges, at least that’s what is expected.

Nexon would put on welcoming attire for all the updates coming its way to ensure the even more strengthened characteristics and yes, to compensate its high kerb weight!