Top 5 Trailer Repair Warning Signs

A professional trailer repair service is indeed a necessity in today’s modern world. Routine checks and maintenance can reduce unnecessary spending amidst other issues. There are other measures that can be taken to alleviate unforeseen problems, especially for adventurous people who don’t want to be left hanging in the middle of no-where.

First of all, it is important for tires to be inflated accurately, changing a tire can be tasking, especially with a car jack. When a tire is inflated properly, it minimizes the chances of having a flat tire.

Wrong electrical connections between a trailer and the lead vehicle can affect turn signals, electric brakes, and brake lights. All of these can be avoided completely by handling the sockets that connect the two vehicles appropriately. When disconnecting, it is crucial to ensure the socket isn’t pulled out by the cable as with a TV set or a vacuum cleaner. It is also important to avoid uncoupling a trailer before removing the plug.

When a trailer’s suspension is handled with care, it goes a long way especially if some precautions are heeded. The weight limit of the trailer should be noted as surpassing it can wreck needless havoc.

Trailer warning signs

When driving off the road, it is crucial to drive at minimum speed as bumpy roads can affect the performance of the suspensions. Traveling over rough surfaces can also affect electric drum brakes because dirt and stones can affect them, so be gentle. Here are some of the warning signs to look out for

Inspection Sticker Ready To Expire

One of the safest things that can be done is checking the expiration date on the safety inspection sticker. These stickers are placed on every licensed trailer that runs on public roads. These stickers are renewed yearly. The cost of trailer repairs seems to be on the rise towards the end of the expiration period so get things done timely.

Audible Air Leaks

It is cost-saving not to avoid air leaks as these can create scenarios that will incur lots of expenses if left unattended. This applies to full air brake systems on trailers and air-assisted brake systems. It is cheaper to fix air brakes in a repair shop than on the side of a highway. Loss of brakes can also be avoided completely as well.

Tire Defects

The state of a trailer’s tires is a direct hint at how well routine checkups are done. It is vital to look out for bulges, leaks, and deformations of any kind. To check, the tire should be hit with a tire hammer or stick every few hours after driving to ascertain the state of air in the tire.

Malfunctioning Brakes

Brakes should be monitored closely and should not be ignored. Many trailer drivers over-use brakes especially commercial trailer drivers. Ensure brakes are functional especially trailers that have an auto adjustment system. Should brake drums fly off during repair, it goes beyond the normal trailer repair condition and drivers can be charged with criminal negligence, so watch out.

Malfunctioning or Flickering Lights

Wrong electrical connections can cause flickering lights and can ultimately trigger failure in part or all of the trailer lights. Occasionally, it can be caused by the wire harness on commercial semi-trailers having a loose connection. It is important to have these problems fixed before they degenerate creating more problems.