Why Genuine Parts are Always Better for Your Honda Bike

Motorcycles last as long as 15 years if they don’t get into significant falls or accidents. Replacing parts with genuine ones also contributes to the longevity of the motorcycle significantly. If you are using a Honda bike, for example, it is important to use original Honda motorcycle parts

during repair. The parts are manufactured in the same factories as the motorcycles hence, go through rigorous tests and modifications. Sometimes manufacturers subcontract other companies to produce the parts for the bikes. In this case, they are also produced as genuine parts. This is because the subcontracted companies follow the same production guidelines as those used by the manufacturer. This text highlights the benefits of using genuine parts for Honda bike.

High-quality Parts

When you purchase genuine parts, you are confident you are getting quality. The parts have gone through manufacturer and industry standards to be qualified for use on your Honda bike. It is not the same quality check applied to aftermarket parts, which are usually constructed using low-quality materials. Additionally, genuine Honda motorcycle parts fit correctly on the vehicle and provide what your motorcycle needs for long-term operation.

Compliance with the Manufacturer’s Warranty Policy

If you just purchased a new Honda motorcycle, one of the requirements for enjoying the benefits of the warranty given is that only genuine parts should be used for repair and maintenance. A breach of this policy by the use of aftermarket parts nullifies the warranty.

Easily Replaced

Genuine Honda parts fit effortlessly on your motorcycle. Aftermarket parts, on the other hand, are mass produced and are designed to fit a vast range of Honda motorcycle models. As such, they need a little modification when mounting them on the motorcycle.

Maintain a Good Resale Value for Your Motorcycle

If you intend to sell your motorcycle, using original parts improves its value significantly. Apart from checking the mileage, the buyer will examine the parts used on the motorcycle. Automotive service centres don’t always use genuine parts hence, the need to insist on the use of these parts during repair. You may also ask the service centre technician the kind of parts used so that you are confident that original Honda parts are used to repair your motorcycle. Here are tips should help you identify fake and genuine parts.

Check the Package

Check the packaging for spelling, change of design and colours. Producers of aftermarket parts use different colours to mimic the manufacturer’s packaging design. They also use fewer labels and identification marks compared to those used on genuine parts.

Look for the ‘Made in Label’

The country of the manufacturer is written in small fonts. You can perform a brief search to determine if the country indicated produces Honda parts for motorcycles.

Asymmetry in Parts

Fake parts do not follow the same design guidelines as their genuine counterparts. As such, you may find a fake part that is not symmetrical as the original Honda part and has a rough welding or ragged finish.

The Format of the Date

Most spare parts display the date of manufacture in the form of the month, day and year, depending on the country of origin. Check whether the stamp date format follows the standards used in that country.