Your Ultimate Guide to Automotive Paint

At Pitstop, we are engaged in offering car painting services to our valuable customers. We have expert professionals in the area of colour mixing and matching. Paint mixing is more of an art than a science. The colour of a car changes with time depending on its use and its maintenance. Keeping your car exposed to nature like the sun, in rain, moisture, heat can cause fading or dulling. If only one or more panels in a vehicle are to be painted, our experts will carefully match the colour and shade to the rest of the vehicle rather than just following the manufacturer’s recommendations. We carry a wide range of clears, tints and base to mix any shade of colour to your requirement.

We have all the required tools and equipments right on place to offer varied kinds of repair and maintenance services to its clients. We are well equipped to offer painting for all kinds of car models.

We offer spray painting

Spray painting is a technique where a device sprays a coating of paint through air and onto the surface. The most common types are compressed gas, usually air, to atomize and direct the paint particles. Spray guns which were evolved from airbrushes are distinguished by their size of the spray pattern they produce.

Types of paints used by us

  • Automotive paint on cars and other vehicles are used both for protection and decoration purposes.
  • Currently the enamel paint is the most widely used paint for reasons including reducing the paint’s environmental impact.
  • Modern automobile paint is applied in several layers, with a total thickness of around 0.1mm

Our experts agree to the fact that paint application requires preparation and primer steps to ensure proper application of the paint on the car. A base coat is applied by our professionals after the primer paint is applied. Following this, a clear coat of paint may be applied which forms a glossy and transparent coating. The clear coat layer now will be able to withstand UV light.

Types of car painting services offered

  •  Body Topline Coating polish works
  • Costly Metallic Spray Painting Works
  • Damage touch up painting works
  • Plastic Bumper Spray Painting Works
  • Metallic Painting
  •  Body Polishing
  • Full body painting (which includes same colour or colour change, including Solid, Metallic or Pearl White colours)
  •  Paint colour restoration
  • Colour change
  •  Car styling by painting.
  • Chassis, panel and general car bodywork damage and are completely re-built and resprayed to its exact specification & perfectly colour matched.

Other services include

  • We offer services such as basic car painting service where we apply a single-stage enamel paint to refresh the car’s appearance and give your car an attractive gloss and accurate colour match.
  • There is also a single-stage application where we use urethane, which resists chipping and is much more resilient than enamel finishes.
  • There are several incredible services that will ensure a superb paint job. Included are light chip and scratch repair, priming and block sanding of all areas after initial prep service and urethane sealer.